Which brokers accept US citizens? (2024)

Which brokers accept US citizens?

The reason for this is quite simple - capital requirements. While a broker has to have around $100,000 - $500,000 of locked capital to obtain one of the European licenses, NFA requires quite an enormous amount of capital to be able to operate in the US - 20 million dollars.

Which broker accepts US clients?

List of Brokers by USA Clients Accepted:
Forex Broker NameRegulationOperational Since
Capital Street FXYES2012
DV MarketsYES2008
29 more rows

Why do most brokers not accept US clients?

The reason for this is quite simple - capital requirements. While a broker has to have around $100,000 - $500,000 of locked capital to obtain one of the European licenses, NFA requires quite an enormous amount of capital to be able to operate in the US - 20 million dollars.

Does OANDA accept US clients?

OANDA's U.S. brand holds regulatory status in the U.S., making it one of the few forex brokers that can accept U.S. residents.

Which forex broker is legal in US?

FOREX.com - Legally available to retail clients in the U.S. OANDA - Legally available to retail clients in the U.S. TD Ameritrade - Legally available to retail clients in the U.S. Interactive Brokers - Legally available in the U.S., but only to institutional clients.

Can US citizens trade with offshore brokers?

The main regulatory body overseeing this is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which aims to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the market. US citizens are allowed to trade on offshore brokers as long as these brokers are registered with the CFTC or fall under an exemption category.

Can non US citizens use Interactive Brokers?

What You Need - Application. Social Security Number (SSN) or proof of ID number if not US citizen; Your employer name, address and phone number; Bank or 3rd party broker account numbers for funding purposes, plus routing number for check deposits.

Who is the top broker in USA?

The largest brokerage firms by assets under management
PlatformAssets under management, 2022 (trillions)Change
Charles Schwab$6.6024%
J.P. Morgan$2.6023%
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch$1.3015%
5 more rows
Jan 23, 2024

Who is the No 1 stock broker in us?

Summary: Best Online Brokerage
CompanyForbes Advisor RatingBEST FOR
TD Ameritrade4.4Best Online Broker For Beginners & Mobile App Users
Fidelity Investments4.4Best Online Broker For Everyday Investors
Tastytrade3.9Best Online Broker For Options Trading
Charles Schwab4.3Best Online Broker For Customer Service
1 more row
4 days ago

What is the most trusted broker in the world?

Winner: IG

Trust: Founded in 1974, IG is publicly traded (LON: IGG) and regulated in eight Tier-1 jurisdictions, making it a safe broker (low-risk) for forex and CFDs trading. All jurisdictions considered, we ranked IG as the most trusted forex and CFDs broker for our 2024 Annual Awards.

Does Interactive brokers accept US clients?

IBKR Lite is available to Individual, Joint, IRA or Trust2 accounts of US residents, as well as financial advisors trading on behalf of their retail clients. IBKR Lite provides commission-free trading in US exchange-listed stocks and ETFs, low cost access to global markets, no account minimums and no inactivity fees.

Does Forex com allow US clients?

FOREX.com offers U.S. clients leveraged access to over 80 currency pairs with competitive spreads across different account types.

Does IG accept US clients?

IG offers clients access to a wide range of markets, superior research, and comprehensive client education. IG accepts U.S. clients, though only for forex, and is registered with the CFTC (U.S.), NFA (U.S.), and FCA (U.K.).

Why can't US residents trade forex?

Not all forex brokers allow US citizens to register with them due to several reasons: 1. Regulatory Compliance: Forex brokers need to comply with strict regulations imposed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA) in the United States.

Does Grand Capital accept US clients?

Grand Capital group accepts clients from all over the world, excluding some jurisdictions where restrictions apply.

Does AvaTrade accept US clients?

Is AvaTrade allowed in the U.S.? AvaTrade is registered with multiple jurisdictions around the world, but it doesn't accept U.S. traders.

Can US citizens trade on eToro?

Yes, we accept residents of the United States. eToro is available in almost every state. See which states are currently supported here.

Can US citizens trade forex overseas?

Unfortunately, there are NO Regulated offshore Forex brokers in the world that accept US citizens. It's because Dodd-Frank Act requires that Forex brokerage company who wants to do business with US citizens must first be registered with both CFTC and NFA.

Does Longhorn FX accept US clients?

LonghornFX accepts clients from all over the world, excluding some countries where restrictions apply.

Is TD Ameritrade only for US citizens?

That means non-U.S. citizens or international investors can open a brokerage account and invest in U.S. stocks. But it's important to identify the different forms and policies that apply to non-U.S. taxpayers. TD Ameritrade does not provide tax advice.

Can a non US citizen open a Merrill Edge account?

Only U.S. residents and businesses can apply for a Merrill Edge Self‑Directed investing account. Authorized Representative Designation Form A separate form for each authorized representative should be completed.

Can non US citizens open a Charles Schwab account?

Please call us to request a Schwab One International Corporate Account Application OR click “Apply for an Account” at international.schwab.com. Substitute Form W-8BEN Complete one form for each non-U.S. citizen/resident Account Holder.

Which brokerage has the lowest fees?

The 5 lowest brokerage charges for intraday trading in India
  • Wisdom Capital: Zero.
  • Zerodha: INR 20/0.01% (whichever is lower)
  • Upstox: Five free trades every month, and after that, INR 20 per trade.
  • Trade Smart Online: INR 15 per trade.
  • SAMCO: INR 20 per trade.
Nov 2, 2023

Which broker do most traders use?

Summary of the best trading platforms:
  • Charles Schwab.
  • Fidelity Investments.
  • Merrill Edge.
  • Interactive Brokers.
  • SoFi Active Investing.
  • E*TRADE.
  • TradeStation.
  • ZacksTrade.
Feb 1, 2024

What are the top 3 brokerage firms?

Top Brokerage Houses, Ranked
Top Brokerage Firms by AUM and Number of Accounts
1Charles Schwab$7.5 trillion
2Fidelity Investments$3.9 trillion.
4TD Ameritrade$1 trillion
3E*Trade$360 billion
1 more row


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