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Here are today and tomorrow's dawn and dusk times in Sausalito, California. You'll also find a dawn and dusk calendar for Sausalito at the bottom of the page.

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Today Tuesday, July 9, 2024


What Time is Sunrise and Sunset in Mill Valley, CA? (1)

5:57 am

Dawn: 5:26 am

Sunrise today in Mill Valley will be at 5:57 AM PDT ().

Tomorrow Wednesday, July 10, 2024


What Time is Sunrise and Sunset in Mill Valley, CA? (3)

5:57 am

Dawn: 5:27 am

Sunrise tomorrow in Mill Valley will be at 5:57 AM PDT ().


What Time is Sunrise and Sunset in Mill Valley, CA? (4)

8:35 pm

Dusk: 9:06 pm

Sunset tomorrow in Mill Valley will be at 8:35 PM PDT ().

Photos Sunrise and Sunset Photos of Mill Valley

Sunrise and sunset photos of Mill Valley, CA from Flickr.

Calendar Mill Valley Sunrise and Sunset Calendar

Sunrise calendar and sunset calendar for Mill Valley, California. Here are Mill Valley, CA day length, dawn, dusk, and solar noon times.

DateDawnSunriseSolar NoonSunsetDuskDay Length
July 8, 20245:25 am5:56 am1:16 pm8:36 pm9:07 pm14h 39m
July 9, 20245:26 am5:57 am1:16 pm8:35 pm9:06 pm14h 38m
July 10, 20245:27 am5:57 am1:16 pm8:35 pm9:06 pm14h 37m
July 11, 20245:27 am5:58 am1:16 pm8:35 pm9:05 pm14h 36m
July 12, 20245:28 am5:59 am1:16 pm8:34 pm9:05 pm14h 35m
July 13, 20245:29 am5:59 am1:17 pm8:34 pm9:04 pm14h 34m
July 14, 20245:30 am6:00 am1:17 pm8:33 pm9:04 pm14h 33m
July 15, 20245:30 am6:01 am1:17 pm8:33 pm9:03 pm14h 31m
July 16, 20245:31 am6:02 am1:17 pm8:32 pm9:03 pm14h 30m
July 17, 20245:32 am6:02 am1:17 pm8:32 pm9:02 pm14h 29m
July 18, 20245:33 am6:03 am1:17 pm8:31 pm9:01 pm14h 27m
July 19, 20245:34 am6:04 am1:17 pm8:30 pm9:01 pm14h 26m
July 20, 20245:35 am6:05 am1:17 pm8:30 pm9:00 pm14h 25m
July 21, 20245:35 am6:05 am1:17 pm8:29 pm8:59 pm14h 23m
July 22, 20245:36 am6:06 am1:17 pm8:28 pm8:58 pm14h 22m
July 23, 20245:37 am6:07 am1:17 pm8:28 pm8:57 pm14h 20m
July 24, 20245:38 am6:08 am1:17 pm8:27 pm8:57 pm14h 19m
July 25, 20245:39 am6:09 am1:17 pm8:26 pm8:56 pm14h 17m
July 26, 20245:40 am6:09 am1:17 pm8:25 pm8:55 pm14h 15m
July 27, 20245:41 am6:10 am1:17 pm8:24 pm8:54 pm14h 14m
July 28, 20245:42 am6:11 am1:17 pm8:24 pm8:53 pm14h 12m
July 29, 20245:43 am6:12 am1:17 pm8:23 pm8:52 pm14h 10m
July 30, 20245:44 am6:13 am1:17 pm8:22 pm8:51 pm14h 8m
July 31, 20245:45 am6:14 am1:17 pm8:21 pm8:50 pm14h 7m
August 1, 20245:45 am6:15 am1:17 pm8:20 pm8:49 pm14h 5m
August 2, 20245:46 am6:15 am1:17 pm8:19 pm8:48 pm14h 3m
August 3, 20245:47 am6:16 am1:17 pm8:18 pm8:47 pm14h 1m
August 4, 20245:48 am6:17 am1:17 pm8:17 pm8:46 pm13h 59m
August 5, 20245:49 am6:18 am1:17 pm8:16 pm8:45 pm13h 57m
August 6, 20245:50 am6:19 am1:17 pm8:15 pm8:43 pm13h 55m
August 7, 20245:51 am6:20 am1:17 pm8:14 pm8:42 pm13h 53m
August 8, 20245:52 am6:21 am1:17 pm8:12 pm8:41 pm13h 51m
August 9, 20245:53 am6:22 am1:16 pm8:11 pm8:40 pm13h 49m
August 10, 20245:54 am6:22 am1:16 pm8:10 pm8:39 pm13h 47m
August 11, 20245:55 am6:23 am1:16 pm8:09 pm8:37 pm13h 45m
August 12, 20245:56 am6:24 am1:16 pm8:08 pm8:36 pm13h 43m
August 13, 20245:57 am6:25 am1:16 pm8:07 pm8:35 pm13h 41m
August 14, 20245:58 am6:26 am1:16 pm8:05 pm8:33 pm13h 39m
August 15, 20245:59 am6:27 am1:15 pm8:04 pm8:32 pm13h 37m
August 16, 20246:00 am6:28 am1:15 pm8:03 pm8:31 pm13h 35m
August 17, 20246:01 am6:29 am1:15 pm8:02 pm8:29 pm13h 32m
August 18, 20246:02 am6:29 am1:15 pm8:00 pm8:28 pm13h 30m
August 19, 20246:03 am6:30 am1:15 pm7:59 pm8:27 pm13h 28m
August 20, 20246:04 am6:31 am1:14 pm7:58 pm8:25 pm13h 26m
August 21, 20246:05 am6:32 am1:14 pm7:56 pm8:24 pm13h 24m
August 22, 20246:05 am6:33 am1:14 pm7:55 pm8:22 pm13h 21m
August 23, 20246:06 am6:34 am1:14 pm7:54 pm8:21 pm13h 19m

Quality Prediction Sunrise and Sunset Quality Predictions for Mill Valley

Quality predictions for sunrise and sunset in Mill Valley, California. Photographers will find this chart useful when planning their sunrise shoots. A higher percentage means there will be a higher chance of color in the sky. Sunset prediction data is sourced from SunsetWx and calculated using many variables including moisture, pressure, and cloud cover.

EventTue, July 9th
SunriseGood (57%)
SunsetFair (35%)

More about predictions:

  • 0%-25%: Little to no color, clouds will be blocking sunset.
  • 25%-50%: Typically no clouds, simple "gradient" sunset.
  • 50%-75%: Cloud coverage for the sun to cast light onto.
  • 75%-100%: Stunning reds and oranges, what you want in a sunset.

Note that sunset quality predictions update periodically throughout the day and aren't always perfect.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Mill Valley

When is the shortest day in Mill Valley, CA?

The shortest day of the year in Mill Valley, California will be on Friday, December 20, 2024. In 2025 the shortest day of the year will be on December 21, 2025.

When is the longest day in Mill Valley, CA?

The longest day in Mill Valley, California will be on Friday, June 21, 2024. Next year the longest day of the year in Mill Valley, California will be on June 21, 2025.

When is the earliest sunrise in Mill Valley, CA?

The earliest sunrise time of 2024 in Mill Valley, California will be on Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 5:48 AM.

When is the latest sunset in Mill Valley, CA?

The latest sunset time in Mill Valley, California will be on Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 8:37 PM.

Cities near Mill Valley:Kentfield, Larkspur, Marin City, Ross, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Sausalito, Strawberry, Tamalpais Valley.

National Parks near Mill Valley:San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Muir Woods, Fort Point National Historic Site, San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Use data from this page using our JSON API:

Mill Valley is a city in Marin County, California, United States, located about 14 miles (23 km) north of San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge. The population was 13,903 at the 2010 census.

Mill Valley, CA


Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

What Time is Sunrise and Sunset in Mill Valley, CA? (2024)


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