Misery Gauntlet Day 2 Wrap-up - POE Maxroll.gg (2024)

Highlights from day 2 of the Misery Gauntlet include some big RIPs from the top of the ladder, bounty updates and community moments. If you've been following along with the Misery Gauntlet hosted by Zizaran and sponsored by Maxroll (among others) then you'll recognize some of the highlights.

Ladder & Bounties

Around 48 hours into the Misery Gauntlet, here's a look at the day 2 Ladder and bounty standing (broken down by class & overall). There have been some upsets in the top rankings and quite a few deaths as players head into more dangerous content. Here's the standing taken from PoERacing.

Overall Standing

  • exile_failedEDLMAO (nickexile11 / Nick) - DEAD
    • Level 95 Necromancer using Volatile Dead of Seething.
    • Nick has 2 confirmed bounties, First to Slay Merveil (Conditional) for $250 and First to slay Fire and Fury in the Coast, using only Flame Dash for $200.
  • muns_over_funs (Darkee / Ben)
    • Level 95 Necromancer using Volatile Dead of Seething.
  • nnqweqweq (nn313) - DEAD
    • Level 95 Guardian using Summon Raging Spirit.
    • nn313 has 2 confirmed bounties, $100 from first to slay Act 10 Kitava before level 70 only wearing blue/uncommon items and $500 from First to slay the King in the Mists in a level 81+ Map.

Class Ladder

  • Witch
    • (DEAD) exile_failedEDLMAO (nickexile11), Level 95 Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
    • muns_over_funs (Darkee), Level 95 Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
    • 跟這個世界說拜拜拜拜 (soul1027), Level 93 Volatile Dead of Seething Necromancer.
  • Shadow
    • (DEAD) drizTriesGauntlet (myklose), Level 92 Explosive Trap of Shrapnel Trickster.
    • JungroanGauntlet (Jezie), Level 92 Frostbolt Trickster.
    • ysyh_zzz (ysyh), Level 90 Cremation of Exhuming Trickster.
  • Ranger
    • Goratha_XDDDDD (Goratha), Level 91 Toxic Rain Pathfinder.
    • nobugsheree (jaunelangel69), Level 90 Toxic Rain Pathfinder.
    • EzFirstGauntlet (ericleezhang), Level 90 Caustic Arrow of Poison Pathfinder.
  • Duelist
    • cArn_Become_a_Champion (CARNDARAK), Level 94 Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Slayer.
    • WOODLANDER_JOE (puckorwin), Level 92 Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Slayer.
    • (DEAD) MeowCD (Meowmixxed), Level 90 Splitting Steel of Ammunition Champion.
  • Marauder
    • Havoc_BoneZone (Havoc6), Level 95 Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Juggernaut.
    • sbb_misery (xSayByeBye), Level 94 Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Juggernaut.
    • Grizzgrizzly (Grizbaby), Level 92 Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Juggernaut.
  • Templar
    • (DEAD) nnqweqweq (nn313), Level 95 Summon Raging Spirit Guardian.
    • PlayLifeItIsWhatItIs (Mechkov), Level 93 Ball Lightning of Static Hierophant.
    • Joppas_WalterVibe (Nemoia), Level 92 Summon Raging Spirit Guardian.
  • Scion
    • DinoGauntletDance (skydeep), Level 91 Summon Raging Spirit Ascendant.
    • Wyrm_wristpaingang (Wyrm_GG), Level 89 Cremation of Exhuming Ascendant.
    • InferiorityComplex (Fightgarr), Level 88 Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Ascendant.

Many people are off to a strong start, but some skills and ascendancies are quickly pulling ahead. Despite the Detonate Dead ban we're seeing a lot of corpse skill representation with Volatile Dead of Seething and Cremation of Exhuming. Across the melee sector, Bonezone is absolutely dominating with Boneshatter of Complex Trauma, and we're seeing chaos DoT skills like Toxic Rain for the bow enjoyers.

Notable Bounties

Here are a few of the confirmed bounties players claimed during day 2 of the Misery Gauntlet. So far 3 of Maxroll's own bounties have been claimed!

  • First to acquire an equippable rare item with 6 tier 1 explicit modifiers (Maxroll bounty).
    • $500 claimed by Allexpleblord
  • First to slay the King in the Mists in a level 81+ Map (Displate bounty)
    • $500 claimed by nn313.
  • While the Highest rolled Ventors won't be claimed until the end of the gauntlet, several players are rolling for max!

Flash Atziri Bounty

During day 2 of the Misery gauntlet a flash Atiziri bounty popped up, the first person to defeat her while flashing Atziri or typing "Atziri" during the fight wins! Here are the exiles who have confirmed the Atziri bounty for each class.

  • Terence took the Witch bounty on his Necromancer.
  • On Shadow QualiaH took down Atziri in style.
  • Atziri quickly fell to Goratha's Ranger.
  • Carn took Atziri to the Bonezone.
  • The Marauder xSayByeBye beat Atziri down to claim the bounty.
  • Before his untimely demise, nn313 secured Templar.
  • As of yet there are no confirmed Scion Atziri kills meeting the criteria.

If you want to try your hand at claiming the Scion bounty remember that Atziri has multiple dangerous skills which penetrate Fire or Lightning Resistance and deal lethal damage.

RIP Clips

During day 2 of the Misery Gauntlet quite a few top contenders flew a bit too close to the sun. We've seen multiple RIPs in the top spots in addition to a few favorites biting the dust. This is by far one of the most lethal gauntlets in Path of Exile history with many common foes becoming downright terrifying. Here are a few of the unfortunate victims to come out of the meat grinder (maybe their corpses will be useful later)?

  • Nick blasted to the top of the leaderboards and looked unstoppable until he encountered an Exile's worst nightmare, projectiles from across the screen. Nick is a gauntlet veteran and hardened racer so he took the death in stride and we're sure he'll be back on the ladder soon.
  • Many racers saw Alkaizer as the enrage timer, a slow and steady juggernaut who takes a bit to get going but is unstoppable once he get up to speed. Noxiousfists the Savage, turned out to be the immovable object to put a stop to Alkaizer's progression.
  • On his SRS Guardian nn313 was blasting maps and making some of the best exp/h, however at level 95 his Guardian developed a fatal case of arachnophobia.
  • In the Gauntlet there's a lot of obviously dangerous mobs but Nordwindzzz fell victim to a subtle killer, periodically enrages. These enemies aren't too dangerous at the start but then gain a massive burst of damage which can easily take you out if enough of them hit you.

Maxroll in the Gauntlet

Several members of Maxroll have been participating in the Misery Gauntlet and testing their mettle during day 2.

  • Aer0 stepped into the arena with a simple goal, survive the Rhoas. Which he was successful in, however many more dangers lurk within the Blood Aqueducts.
  • crouching_tuna ran out off Flask charges in the Ashen Fields. The Ralakesh encounter is extremely dangerous due to the bleed and the worst thing you can do while bleeding is take a step even if the boss is already dead.
  • Ralakesh is racking up quite the body count among Maxroll members. Not satisfied to only kill Tuna, he then defeated Raxxanterax as well, or maybe Raxx died to Awakened PoE Trade.

One Step Closer

Day 2 of the Misery Gauntlet has been quite eventful, we've RIP clips from many top contenders and community highlights during the Atziri Flash bounty. With day 2 wrapping up Ben, Havoc, and Carn are all well positioned as the top 3 living racers. However, there's many deadly boss encounters and plenty of dangers lurking around every corner. Days 3 and 4 are often where things get spicy as the racers attempt to take down bosses and boost their points.

Gauntlet Highlights

Watch the Misery Gauntlet highlights from day 1 and 2 over on Zizaran's Youtube channel.

Upcoming Coverage

That's it for our day 2 wrap-up on the Misery Gauntlet. To keep up with the daily Gauntlet highlights here on Maxroll, head over to ourDiscordand select the Path of Exile role in #rolesto stay up to date with our content development. Stay sane, Exile!

Written by: Tenkiei

Contributions by: The Path of Exile Community

Reviewed by: Dredscythe

Misery Gauntlet Day 2 Wrap-up - POE Maxroll.gg (1)
Misery Gauntlet Day 2 Wrap-up - POE Maxroll.gg (2024)


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