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A radiation compensation law expired. A bill to expand benefits to Missouri didn’t get a vote.

While a law that gives compensation to victims of radiation exposure expired Friday, hope persists that it will be renewed and potentially expanded to Missouri.

Missouri teacher ‘wouldn’t recommend’ OnlyFans career, says she’s a ‘total outcast’

Former St. Clair High School teacher Megan Gaither says criticism of her p*rnography work has been relentless. Most of all, she misses teaching.

Houses proposed for Town and Country strip mall too dense for ‘country’ character, officials say

McBride Homes is proposing homes around three streets anchored by a restaurant and greenspace in place of the Woods Mill Center, a strip mall southwest of I-64 and Highway 141.

Cellphone policy gets a look in Clayton schools after parents complain

Superintendent Nisha Patel and her team will collect data on cellphones in schools to present at a board meeting in the fall.

Ludeman out as chairman of Concordance as he focuses on health

The reentry nonprofit that Danny Ludeman founded said he needs time to focus on his health.

Facing outrage, St. Louis Public Schools backpedals on asking teachers to drive the bus

The transportation survey “should have been directed exclusively to non-instructional staff,” Superintendent Keisha Scarlett said Friday.

Developer eyes apartments near St. Louis County MetroLink station

Kittle Property Group of Indiana is proposing a 192-unit development near the North Hanley MetroLink station.

More details emerge for apartments, offices planned near Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

Capri on Olive would have over 100 apartments and several commercial spaces off Olive Boulevard and Mason Road, plans show.

Maryland Heights to have more oversight of troubled Centene Community Ice Center

City officials said they will have more oversight over the operations of the Centene Community Ice Center that they said will enhance the efficiency of the troubled facility.

St. Louis Public Schools asks teachers to drive buses this fall

The district is surveying staff to identify those who have commercial driver licenses and are willing to drive a bus.

Spirit of St. Louis air show to feature Boeing F-15 demo, Blue Angels and more

More than 50,000 people are expected to attend the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show and STEM Expo.

Vatican court upholds closure of St. Barnabas parish in St. Charles County

St. Barnabas was absorbed by Assumption parish last year under the “All Things New” downsizing plan from Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski.

Clayco’s chief picks Hazelwood after rejection in St. Louis

Clayco Chairman Bob Clark eyed north St. Louis to move one of his subsidiaries, Concrete Strategies. But after the city said no, Clark selected Hazelwood.

Former Kirkwood Athletic Association ball fields to be demolished after 60 years

The demolition plan comes a little more than a year after the Kirkwood Athletic Association shuttered after 60 years in operation and transferred its property to the city.

Missouri governor reappoints Krewson to UM Board of Curators after spat with senator

Sen. Steve Roberts refused to sponsor Krewson’s nomination, breaking with Senate tradition.

Longtime Parkway schools superintendent to retire

Marty, 71, came to Parkway in 2011 after leading the Menomonee Falls School District in suburban Milwaukee.

St. Louis County councilman running for state Senate admits ‘oversight’ in fundraising ask

Councilman Mark Harder asked “How do I pick up my check?” to a lobbyist for Missouri American Water on Sept. 27.

What's being built near you? Search the latest St. Louis building permits

Search more than 10 years of building permits issued in the city of St. Louis.

Questions about highway construction or traffic lights? Ask the Road Crew

Ask the experts from the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis and St. Charles counties and St. Louis City your questions about highways and roads. The live chat starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Clayton parents push for cellphone ban in schools

More than 500 people have signed a petition calling for a stricter cellphone policy from the Clayton School Board.

Contractors, partner allege downtown St. Louis developer owes millions

The developer behind a renewed revitalization of Laclede's Landing is facing a legal battle from a business partner who alleges he's owed over $1 million.

Edwardsville mother wanted teen son arrested to save his life

But Kaden Topal was fatally shot in Wood River before that could happen.

A nonprofit made big promises in Ferguson. It nearly died after a Mercy Health investigation.

“Health and Homes went silent all of a sudden,” says one community resident who worked with the organization.

Mercy adding doctors to Ferguson clinic

The clinic, built as part of a nonprofit’s commitment to the area, did not have a full-time doctor based there for much of last year.

Ramp to northbound US Route 67 from southbound Interstate 55 will close June 1

The closure ispart of the Jefferson County I-55 Corridor Upgrades Design-Build project.

Messenger: ‘Nefarious’ initiative could enshrine backdoor tax in Missouri Constitution

Legislature put proposal on ballot to overturn unanimous Missouri Supreme Court decision against $3 sheriffs’ fee.

From mapping cicadas to measuring sound, researchers track the brood around St. Louis

They seem to have reached their peak. And their noisy vibrations appear to be annoying humans — and, possibly, other animals that rely on sound to communicate

Old buildings pose big problems for St. Louis Public Schools. Here are the 5 most expensive.

Widespread closures or consolidations of schools, even demolitions and new builds will all be part of the conversation in upcoming months.

Ferguson approves law pulling business licenses for delinquent taxes

The City Council voted to approve a bill that could deny business license renewals over unpaid property taxes, even if the business is renting space and the landlord owes axes.

House Speaker Johnson changes his mind on radiation compensation after Ann Wagner intervenes

Wagner said she was glad Republican leaders “listened to my concerns and those of my constituents and pulled the floor vote on this misguided proposal.”

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