HALLOWEEN 1978 PX T/C 24 PK HOBBY BOX (9/25/24) (2024)

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HALLOWEEN 1978 PX T/C 24 PK HOBBY BOX (9/25/24) (2024)


Is Halloween 1978 funny? ›

A little humor, sometimes, is nice relief in a suspenseful horror flick. That's not to say Halloween wasn't worth a look, especially with young Jamie Lee Curtis making her film debut. And, like many films with sequels, I found this first Halloween as the best of all of them.

How much money did Halloween 1978 make? ›

The film grossed $47 million in the United States and an additional $23 million internationally, making the theatrical total $70 million, making it one of the most successful independent films of all time; the film sold approximately 20,153,846 tickets during its initial theatrical release, and remains the most ...

What is Halloween 1978 about? ›

Is Halloween 1978 ok for 10 year olds? ›

This is a great classic horror film that reinvented the slasher genre, although it is pretty inappropriate. For example, teens have sex under sheets, with moaning too. Afterwards, the girls breasts are shown including the nipples.

How old was Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1978 Halloween movie? ›

Halloween, 1978

Curtis first stepped into the terrified shoes of Laurie at 19 years old in 1978, playing the Halloween "final girl" with gusto. "What was amazing to me was [it was] an acting part," Curtis told Drew Barrymore at New York Comic Con in October 2022.

Is Halloween 1978 based on a true story? ›

— Loomis' description of a young Michael was inspired by John Carpenter's experience with a real life mental patient. A common characterization is that Michael Myers is evil. John Carpenter has described the character as "almost a supernatural force - a force of nature.

Why is Michael Myers evil? ›

As revealed in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, a group of druids belonging to Halloween's Cult of Thorn placed a curse on Michael when he was an infant. This curse causes him to be possessed by Thorn, a demonic force that requires its host to sacrifice their family on Samhain (now known as Halloween night).

What is the scariest scene in Halloween 1978? ›

Michael's Awakening (Halloween, 1978)

On Halloween night, young Michael Myers dresses in a clown costume and creeps upstairs in his home, with a knife in hand. He murders his sister Judith as the audience looks on through the eye holes in Michael's mask — and all our fates were set.

Is Halloween 1978 worth watching? ›

John Carpenter's 1978 'Halloween' is wholly deserving of its status as a horror classic, as a horror film it is one of the most iconic ones and very influential.

Is Halloween 1978 a graphic? ›

For a slasher movie, the violence is rather tame and mild in impact. Most of the killings occur offscreen, and blood is pretty mild. Very brief. A knitting needle is lodged into a person's neck.

Does Halloween 1978 have Jumpscares? ›

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 13 jump scares in Halloween, which has a jump scare rating of 2.5. Jump Scare Rating: Quite tense and suspenseful throughout however there is only a couple of truly notable jump scares, one at 53 minutes and the other at 76 minutes.


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