18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (2024)

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18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (1)

ByAllison T.S. Robicelli

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

    Give authentic eats from all over America with these Goldbelly food delivery gifts. We found tamales, chowder, bagels, pizza, barbecue and more.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (2)VIA MERCHANT

    Aside from , Goldbelly food delivery is our favorite; the website is a total gold mine when it comes to holiday shopping. The company rounds up the most iconic foods from small businesses across the country and ships them nationwide. It’s the only way to get most of these goodies, short of booking a flight! These indulgent treats and once-in-a-lifetime meals are special splurges—exactly what a good holiday gift should be.

    Goldbelly food delivery makes the perfect gift for just about any occasion, including holidays, birthdays and graduations. If they’ve always fantasized about traveling the country, Goldbelly food delivery can bring dream destinations to their front door. Fans of food TV can finally try the eats and sweets they’ve seen spotlighted on some of their favorite shows. Or, maybe they’re homesick for the tastes of their hometown and would love a dish that not only fills their belly but also their heart with love and nostalgia.

    We’ve tried many of these Goldbelly food delivery picks ourselves and can happily report that the shipping process does nothing to dull the deliciousness. Here are some of the best gifts you can buy on Goldbelly. Expect regional specialties, culinary legends, cult favorites and iconic American dishes.


    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (3)

    Caitlyn Fitzpatrick/Taste of Home

    For the Dessert Person: PieCaken

    For an over-the-top Goldelly food delivery or holiday gift, you can’t do much better than a PieCaken. This cozy dessert is the dictionary definition of the word “extra.” It features pecan pie on the bottom, pumpkin pie in the middle and spice cake on top. It’s layered together with cinnamon buttercream and topped with apple pie filling. There’s also a Christmas version! Learn more about the famed PieCaken.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (4)

    via merchant

    For Your Dumplin’: Steamed Bun Sampler

    Steamed buns are such a delicacy—a food that many people wouldn’t feel confident hand-making in their own kitchen but that they crave often. Gift them this 24-pack from Din Tai Fung, a globally beloved restaurant with more than 170 locations. Within the assortment, they’ll find dumplings filled with pork, chicken and mushrooms, vegan-friendly bean curd and veggies, and even chocolate. Grab the chopsticks!

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (5)

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    For the Ice Cream Queen: Graeter’s Choose-Your-Own Pints

    Some people crave ice cream no matter the outside temps (guilty!). If you’re gifting to one of us, then you can’t go wrong with Graeter’s ice cream, a Cincinnati institution famous for its unique method of making ice cream in a French pot freezer. No matter which of the flavors you pick for their six-pack (our shopping editor strongly recommends the black raspberry chip), you can be sure it was made with this one-of-a-kind technique—just two gallons at a time. See more ice cream-inspired gifts.

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    For the Pizza Perfectionist: Zuppardi’s Pizza

    I once drove through New Haven, Connecticut, on a road trip and stopped at Zuppardi’s Apizza, per the urging of some fellow food writers. A decade later, I still can’t get it out of my head: the crisp, cracker crust; the robust tomato sauce; the slightly spicy locally-made Italian sausage. The fact that you can get these pizzas shipped to your door, thanks to Goldbelly food delivery, is quite literally a dream come true for me. And trust me, it will be for you, as well. Cook the frozen pizzas in your new pizza oven!

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (7)

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    For the Filo Fanatic: Shatila Bakery

    This incredible assortment from Shatila Bakery is a great way to show the world of Middle Eastern sweets to someone you love. An immigrant-owned, family-run establishment from Dearborn, Michigan, Shatila has been churning out what many call the best baklava in America since 1979. With 60 pieces, this gift basket provides a taste of their greatest hits, all made with premium pistachios, cashews and walnuts, and flaky filo dough. Best of all, these treats can be frozen for months, so your loved one can break up their box and nibble away at it all winter long.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (8)

    via merchant

    For the Big Appetite: Jack Stack Barbecue

    Product Reviews Home Editor Madi Koetting raves about this sampler box from Kansas City’s Jack Stack Barbecue that includes one pound of burnt ends, your choice of sliced beef brisket or a whole rack of pork ribs, one pound of shredded meat for sandwiches, one meaty specialty item and your choice of dessert.

    “When we’re unable to be with loved ones during the holidays, my family’s go-to gift is Jack Stack Barbecue delivery through Goldbelly,” she says. “It’s easy to order and oh, so comforting (who doesn’t like barbecue?). Giftees still talk about it long after the holidays—it’s that memorable.”

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (9)

    via merchant

    For the Morning Person: Strawberry Hill Povitica Three-Pack

    Start Christmas off right with a breakfast to remember. This Strawberry Hill povitica, in flavors such as English walnut, strawberry cream cheese and apple cinnamon, is just the stuff! The Kansas-based bakery specializes in loaves of Eastern European stuffed pastry. Shopping Editor Annamarie Higley grew up slathering toasted slices with butter and now gifts these treats in her adulthood. She considers any flavor with cream cheese her favorite.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (10)

    via merchant

    For the Entertainer: The Perfect Cheese Board

    Rogue Creamery’s blue cheese was named “the world’s best cheese” by the New York Times. So if Rogue says that this is the “perfect” cheese board, who are we to disagree? This sweet-salty board contains a little something for everyone in this Goldbelly food delivery. Get a variety of cheeses, chocolate, olives, chorizo, flatbread crackers and preserves. Check out these other cheese board gift ideas.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (11)

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    For the Food Historian: Complete Deli Dinner from Liebman’s Deli

    There used to be hundreds of authentic Jewish delis in New York City, but today, only a handful exist, including Liebman’s. The last kosher deli in the Bronx, Liebman’s is considered one of the most essential restaurants in one of the most essential food cities in the world. So, this monster of a gift is more than lunch—it’s an indelible American experience.

    This Goldbelly food delivery contains enough pastrami and corned beef to make four oversized sandwiches, rye bread, knishes, pickles, coleslaw, mustard and homemade matzoh ball soup. It even comes with rugelach for dessert!

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (12)

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    For the One on Island Time: Famous Malasadas

    Malasadas are how Hawaiians do doughnuts, and they’re one of the Aloha State’s most iconic treats. This choose-your-own box of a dozen malasadas ships straight from Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery in Honolulu to the mainland, making it a very special treat for a very special person. Pick from classic, coffee, cocoa, cinnamon and Li Hing (i.e., dried plum) flavors. Talk about a great food gift idea!

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (13)

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    For the Homesick New Englander: Bayshore Chowder

    In Boston, chowder is pronounced “chow-dah,” and it never ever has tomatoes. Bay Shore Chowder is about as Boston as it comes. Located on the city’s historic Fish Pier, they make their hearty soups with hand-shucked clams and lobsters from the frigid depths of the North Atlantic. This Goldbelly food delivery gift contains a pair of one-gallon bags of soup that can be frozen for months. And that’s if the recipient doesn’t eat them right away!

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (14)

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    For the One Who Won’t Stop Quoting The Godfather: Veniero’s Cannolis

    Established in 1894, Veniero’s began as a small social club in New York City’s Little Italy. Several years later, owner Antonio Veniero hired master bakers from his native Sicily and turned it into a full-fledged Italian pasticceria and cafe. Although it’s been decades since the city’s Italian population mostly left the neighborhood for the outer boroughs and New Jersey, Veniero’s has continued to thrive. This iconic kit features six of their cannolis and 2 pounds of delicious rainbow cookies.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (15)

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    For the Sandwich Aficionado: Versailles Cuban Sandwich

    Versailles Restaurant is a cornerstone of Miami’s Cuban community, and their Cuban sandwich is more than legendary—it’s so beloved that many consider it the city’s “official dish.” This Cuban sandwich kit includes everything the recipient needs to re-create the experience at home, including house-baked Cuban-style bread; marinated, slow-roasted pork loin; brown sugar and pineapple-glazed ham; imported Swiss cheese; pickles and mustard. Once assembled, simply toast sandwiches in a pan or panini press until they’re ooey-gooey.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (16)

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    For the College Student: Texas Tamale Variety Pack

    Treat the college student in your life to something a bit better than frozen burritos. Fill their freezer with authentic, handmade tamales from Houston. The Texas tamale variety pack includes a mix of beef, black bean, chicken and pork tamales that they can steam up the next time they’re studying for finals. Check out these other delicious ideas for savory food gifts.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (17)

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    For the Cake Boss: Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte

    Few people outside of the Pittsburgh area know about Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte, and if you ask us, that’s a tragedy. This traditional German cake is simplicity done right. It boasts soft, pillowy cake layers filled and frosted with luscious vanilla buttercream and entirely coated in toasted candied almonds. It’s a cake that’s as perfect for breakfast as it is for dessert, and you don’t need to be from Steelers country to fall deeply in love with it. Your Secret Santa recipient will be instantly obsessed.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (18)

    via merchant

    For the Romantic: Dinner for Two

    If you can’t whisk your sweetheart away on a trip to New Orleans, bring the romance to them with this Goldbelly food delivery! Commander’s Palace is arguably the most iconic restaurant in the Big Easy. It has dished up its legendary take on Creole cuisine since 1893. This three-course feast for two includes garlic bread, seafood gumbo, the eatery’s world-famous shrimp and grits and a whole pecan pie.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (19)

    via merchant

    For the Deep-Fry Fanatic: La Newyorkina Churro

    Why choose between churros or ice cream when you can have both? This ice cream sandwich kit comes from the kitchen of acclaimed pastry chef Fany Gerson, whose La Newyorkina has been producing authentic Mexican ice creams, paletas and pastries since 2010. This box comes with 18 round churro discs and three pints of ice cream. There are five delicious flavors from which to choose: Oaxacan chocolate, Mexican vanilla, tres leches, horchata and Chiapas coffee.

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (20)

    via merchant

    For the Lox Lover: Zucker’s Bagels

    This Goldbelly gift is an absolute beast! Delivered straight from New York City, bagels from Zucker’s are as good as they get. This mega box includes bagels, of course, a dozen hand-rolled ones, to be exact. Play to their tastes and pick up to three different varieties, including sesame, everything, onion, cinnamon-raisin and rainbow. They’ll also receive whitefish salad, buttery Nova smoked salmon, three types of cream cheese (plain, scallion and veggie), house-made granola, Brooklyn-made babka and a container of black and white cookies, along with an insulated tote.

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    Additional research contributed by Annamarie Higley, Taste of Home shopping editor

    Originally Published: September 21, 2022


    Allison T.S. Robicelli

    Formerly the chef-owner of Robicelli’s Bakery, Allison is a James Beard-nominated food writer. At Taste of Home, she tests kitchen tools with the hands-on insight she gained from her time as a professional chef. Her cookbook “Robicelli’s: A Love Story, With Cupcakes” was published in 2013 and appeared on several Best Cookbooks of the Year l...

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    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (21)

    18 of the Best Food Gifts from Goldbelly (2024)


    Why is the food on Goldbelly so expensive? ›

    The items on Goldbely are supposed to be iconic and difficult, if not impossible, to obtain otherwise, and some consumers see value in that. The higher price point also means few items are for one diner.

    What is goldbelly? ›

    Goldbelly is an online marketplace for food products. Customers can order products from restaurants, bakeries, delis, etc. and have them shipped across the United States.

    Can Goldbelly ship to Canada? ›

    At this time, we only ship throughout the domestic United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada.

    How does goldbelly send food? ›

    Most items ship frozen with dry ice or ice packs but can still thaw in transit. Disposing of Dry Ice: Dry ice can be left outside on the sidewalk, and will usually dissipate quickly if exposed to the sun.

    Is Goldbelly legitimate? ›

    Goldbelly has been BBB-accredited since 2015, but the independent watchdog assigned the business a B rating because of the sheer volume of complaints filed against them.

    Who ships Goldbelly? ›

    All packages are shipped via UPS or FedEx and therefore we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses.

    Does Goldbelly have free shipping? ›

    Though some exclusions apply, most products on Goldbelly do offer free shipping!

    Do Goldbelly gift cards expire? ›

    Gift recipients have an unlimited amount of time to redeem their gift as there is no expiration. E-Gifts are not currency, and do not have cash value outside of Goldbelly. Goldbelly is not responsible for any unauthorized use of an E-Gift.

    What is the Goldbelly guarantee? ›

    All purchases on Goldbelly.com are final sale. If a food item arrives damaged or spoiled, our Customer Support team will work with you to determine an appropriate solution. For non-food merchandise, we can work with our partner shop on doing a possible exchange.

    Is Goldbelly public? ›

    Goldbelly is a privately held company and is not publicly traded on NYSE or NASDAQ in the U.S. To buy pre-IPO shares of a private company, you need to be an accredited investor.

    How do I send food to someone far away? ›

    For sturdy items that require less cooling, you may line a shipping box with insulated foam planks or thermal bubble wrap. Thermal bubble mailers are another option for food in containers, such as cupcakes; you'll place the coolant inside the mailer, and pack it all in a sturdy shipping box with ample padding.

    Why do people use Goldbelly? ›

    Goldbelly is a curated online marketplace of the nation's best gourmet and regionally iconic foods, conveniently shipped to your door! Here at Goldbelly we believe in the emotional power of food and in sharing creations of the best restaurants, bakeries, and local food artisans across the US.

    How do I redeem my Goldbelly gift? ›

    Here's how you can redeem your gift: You should have been notified about your gift via email. Click on the "Redeem Your Gift" button or link within the message. This will bring you to a redemption page on Goldbelly.com, where you can enter your shipping address and the date you'd like to receive your gift.

    How do Goldbelly gift cards work? ›

    The amount of the E-Card you purchase will be charged to your credit card when you confirm your purchase of such E-Card. Once the recipient of the E-Card activates the E-Card, then the value of the E-Card will appear in the recipient's shopping cart as a credit toward purchases on Goldbelly.

    What is the most expensive food delivery app? ›

    Uber Eats is the most expensive app to order food on average across all 98 cities, costing 104.2% more than buying directly.

    Why is fancy food so expensive? ›

    You are paying for… Staff: highly trained people who can finesse these ingredients, do quality control, and make plates look like this. A fine dining restaurant also has quite a few more staff members than a regular restaurant: sous chefs, dishwashers, additional waiters, sommeliers, etc.

    What is the most expensive food product in the world? ›

    Answer: World's finest caviar Almas beluga, which is derived from a rare Iranian Beluga sturgeon, holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive food in the world and costs USD 34,500 per kilogram.


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